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Waiting Families

Loving couples are ready to adopt. Click each couples' photo below to see their story and learn more about them.

CJ Photo

Chip & Jessica

We were always open to adoption, but never discussed it to any depth. We began doing research and read a lot about adoption. We prayed wondering why God would give our hearts the desire to have children and not fulfill it. It was at this time God made it clear about pursuing adoption, taking away all doubts and hesitations.



Blake & Jessica

We are so excited to step into the adventure of adoption again. We know that wherever our daughter’s brother or sister may be, he or she is worth the wait. We can’t wait to see how the Lord intertwines our paths with another incredible first family again!



Luis & Katie

We are adopting because the Lord has given us a heart that understand the call and beauty of adoption. He has shown us through his word, our community and various circumstances that He will grow our family through adoption.



Monty & Christen

Adoption has always been a part of our lives and therefor interwoven into our dreams. We don’t yet feel like our family is complete, and while difficult pregnancies have ruled out the option to have another child biologically, we have never been more confident that adoption is what is next for our family.



David & Kathleen

Our life mantra can be summed up in our belief that love grows more love. Since getting married, we have become more and more excited about sharing our love with a child who needs a home.



Dana & Daniel

Open adoption has enriched our lives beyond measure. We are so excited to build our family again through adoption. We truly cannot wait to see how God’s story for our family will be written.




Blake & Amy

The call to adopt has long been on my heart, and when Blake and I first started talking about our future family, we realized we were both on the same page. We enjoyed our married life together for a few years before welcoming our beautiful daughter, Stella, three years ago. She has been an absolute joy and blessing in our lives with her sweet smile and infectious laugh.



Jonathan & Bridgette

We started talking about adoption even when we were dating! Bridgette has three adopted brothers and we are very proudly a transracial family! So, we always knew it was a path we wanted to pursue! Both of our families are very excited and open to any baby we bring into our family!


ryan and kerry profile

Kerry & Ryan

We are thrilled to be on this journey to expand our family. We can’t begin to understand how incredibly difficult this decision is for you to make. We have tremendous gratitude for mothers like you that are being so selfless.


Whether you're an expectant mother considering placing your child or children for adoption or a couple looking to grow your family through adoption, Building Families is here to help you through each phase of your adoption journey.