Jesse and Hunter


Our Story

About us

We realize that this is probably the hardest decision you may ever have to make. And even if you don’t read any further-if you literally only knew one thing about us—it would be that we think you are brave. We think that about you regardless of whether you find our particular family to be a good place for your child. We would also want you to know that you are loved and respected, and we hope you find true peace in your decision.

Our goals

We want to raise our children in ways that nurture them and want them to change the world for good. We know that to accomplish this, we must give our children diverse experiences that make them interesting and informed people. We want them to travel and to engage the world. We want to open new things to them and to explore all the amazing things that are out there.

We view family like a relay race that each of us will one day run, and that continues from one generation to another. Our parents ran the race before us and are now cheering us on as we begin our family journey. And one day, the time will come for our children as well. We want to prepare them for that race. Though sometimes we stumble, and the race is long, we believe that God works in special ways through the love of a family.

We recently learned after years of trying to become pregnant that we will not be able to have more biological children. We now recognize that this adoption process is how God always intended us to be able to grow our family. Adoption has always been on our hearts and we actually started this process before we knew that information. While our infertility diagnosis has been difficult news, we have always hoped to grow our family through adoption and we trust the words of the Bible: Love bears all things, hopes all things, and endures all things.

We promise

To love your child and always protect them from harm
To always do whatever it takes to provide for them
To be open, patient, and encouraging when they ask about their life story
To give them unique and treasured memories
To raise them alongside all other children in our family as equals
To give your child access to the language and legacy of their heritage

We hope you will read on below to find out more about us and that you will find us the perfect home for your child.

Connect with
Jesse and Hunter

Use the form on this page to contact us about connecting with Jesse and Hunter or send us an email to [email protected], or text 24/7 to 803-609-5531