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Our Story

Hi there, I’m Victoria and my husband’s name is Gordie! We are so thankful you are reading our profile. We want you to know that we deeply respect and admire you as an expectant parent who is aiming to make an incredibly challenging decision for your child. As you consider our family as an adoptive family for your child, we want you to know that we believe being called to be a parent is one of the highest callings a person can have. Being granted this precious opportunity is something we pray we will never take for granted.

We have been together for seven years and married for five years. We have a deep respect and love for one another, and both work hard towards a healthy marriage. Our goal is for our relationship to be centered around the values of selflessness, self-sacrifice, and unconditional Christlike love. We believe these values will provide a stable, consistent, loving, and grace filled home to your child.

Because of our Christian faith we have also valued adoption and have considered it since the earliest point in our relationship. We have prayed for you and your child even though we may have not met you yet.

We would love get coffee, meet you, and to get to know you and your story and come alongside you during your journey as a birth parent, working together to provide the best life possible for your child! Please keep reading more and we pray you will consider us!

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Victoria & Gordie

Use the form on this page to contact us about connecting with Victoria & Gordie or send us an email to [email protected], or text 24/7 to 803-609-5531